1. That thing that made you weird as a kid could make you great as an adult — if you don’t lose it. 在孩童时期,那些让你看上去与周围人格格不入的部分,以后可能让你在成年人中脱颖而出—前提是你没有丢失它们。
  2. If you have any doubt at all about being able to carry a load in one trip, do yourself a huge favor and make two trips. 如果你对自己一次旅行能够承载的重量有任何疑虑,那就请帮自己变成两次旅行。-- 如果你对自己是否能一次搞定怀有任何疑虑的话,就对自己好点,分两次搞定吧。
  3. What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. At your funeral people will not recall what you did; they will only remember how you made them feel. 实现目标后得到什么并不重要,重要的是你变成了什么样子。在你的葬礼上,亲友们不会回忆你做了什么,而是仅仅记住了对你的感觉。
  4. Recipe for success: under-promise and over-deliver. 成功的秘诀是:少承诺,多交付。(废话少说,直接开干)
  5. It’s not an apology if it comes with an excuse. It is not a compliment if it comes with a request. 带有借口的就不是致歉,带有请求的就称不上赞美。
  6. Jesus, Superman, and Mother Teresa never made art. Only imperfect beings can make art because art begins in what is broken. 耶稣,超人和特蕾莎修女从未创造过艺术,只有不完美的人才能创造艺术,因为艺术始于破碎的世界。(譬如痛苦是创作的源泉,之前种种苦难的经历造就了许多大师)
  7. If someone is trying to convince you it’s not a pyramid scheme, it’s a pyramid scheme. 如果有人试图让你相信这不是传销,那它肯定就是传销。
  8. Learn how to tie a bowline knot. Practice in the dark. With one hand. For the rest of your life you’ll use this knot more times than you would ever believe. 学会怎样去打套结,在黑暗中练习,用一只手练习,因为在你的余生中你将用到这个结很多次,多到你自己都不敢相信。(熟练基础,简单的技巧,形成肌肉记忆?)
  9. If something fails where you thought it would fail, that is not a failure. 如果某件事在你认为它可能会失效的地方失效了,那就不算失败。
  10. Be governed not by the tyranny of the urgent but by the elevation of the important. 不要被紧急的事统治,而是跟着重要的程度走。–不要被紧迫性的专横牵着鼻子走,做事应该要基于对重要性的评估。
  11. Leave a gate behind you the way you first found it. 你穿过的门原来是什么样子,走过去以后也要保持那个样子。
  12. The greatest rewards come from working on something that nobody has a name for. If you possibly can, work where there are no words for what you do. 最大的回报来自那些工作于无法命名的事情上,如果可以的话,就去做哪些难以用言语形容的事情上。(新的领域,不要扎堆?)
  13. A balcony or porch needs to be at least 6 feet (2m) deep or it won’t be used. 阳台,门廊那样的东西必须得有2m深,否则是不可能被用上的。(德要配位?)
  14. Don’t create things to make money; make money so you can create things. The reward for good work is more work. 不要为了赚钱而创造东西,而是为了创造东西而赚钱,干得不错的奖励是更多随之而来的工作。
  15. In all things — except love — start with the exit strategy. Prepare for the ending. Almost anything is easier to get into than out of. 所有的事情–除了爱,都是从退出策略开始的,要为事情的结局做好准备,几乎任何事都是进去比出来要容易。
  16. Train employees well enough they could get another job, but treat them well enough so they never want to. 训练你的雇员足够好以至于他们可以找到另一份工作,但是又要对他们足够好以至于他们不想去换工作。
  17. Don’t aim to have others like you; aim to have them respect you. 你的目标不是让别人喜欢你,而是让别人尊重你。(不可能每个人都喜欢你,比如利益冲突,但是他们依然可以尊敬你)
  18. The foundation of maturity: Just because it’s not your fault doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility. 成熟的基础是:不是你的错但不意味着不是你的责任。
  19. A multitude of bad ideas is necessary for one good idea. 好的想法是从大量的坏主意中产生的,并不会“拍之即来”。
  20. Being wise means having more questions than answers. 变得睿智意味着有更多的疑问,而不是解答。
  21. Compliment people behind their back. It’ll come back to you. 多在别人背后赞扬别人,赞扬也会来到你身边(尊重与发现别人的闪光点,不要咄咄逼人)。
  22. Most overnight successes — in fact any significant successes — take at least 5 years. Budget your life accordingly. 大多数一夜之间的成功–实际上任何重大的成功,–都需要花费至少5年的时间。因此相应地给你自己的生活做好预估,规划你的人生。
  23. You are only as young as the last time you changed your mind. 只要能够改变你自己的头脑,你就可以永远保持年轻。
  24. Assume anyone asking for your account information for any reason is guilty of scamming you, unless proven innocent. The way to prove innocence is to call them back, or login to your account using numbers or a website that you provide, not them. Don’t release any identifying information while they are contacting you via phone, message or email. You must control the channel. 假设任何人以任何理由询问你的帐户信息都犯了诈骗罪,除非被证明是无辜的。 证明清白的方法是给他们回电,或者使用你提供的号码或网站登录你的帐户,而不是他们。 当他们通过电话、消息或电子邮件与你联系时,不要透露任何身份信息。 你必须控制住你自己的这些东西和主动权。
  25. Sustained outrage makes you stupid. 永不消停的愤怒只会让你变得愚蠢。
  26. Be strict with yourself and forgiving of others. The reverse is hell for everyone. 严于律己,宽以待人,否则的话对任何人来说都会饱受地狱之苦。
  27. Your best response to an insult is “You’re probably right.” Often they are. 对侮辱攻击的最好回应就是“你或许是对的”。通常他们确实是对的(哈哈)。
  28. The worst evils in history have always been committed by those who truly believed they were combating evil. Beware of combating evil. 历史上最严重的罪恶总是由那些真正相信他们在与邪恶作斗争的人所犯。 与邪恶作斗争时你自己要保持好清醒。 (can’t agree more. 留心自己打击罪恶的想法)
  29. If you can avoid seeking approval of others, your power is limitless. 如果你可以避免寻求他人的认可,那么你的潜力是不可限量的。
  30. When a child asks an endless string of “why?” questions, the smartest reply is, “I don’t know, what do you think?” 当一个孩童持续不断地问你“为什么”的时候,最为明智的回复是”我不知道,你觉得该是什么呢?“
  31. To be wealthy, accumulate all those things that money can’t buy. 想要变得富有,就去不断积累那些金钱买不到的东西。
  32. Be the change you wish to see. 做出那些你乐意看到的改变。
  33. When brainstorming, improvising, jamming with others, you’ll go much further and deeper if you build upon each contribution with a playful “yes — and” example instead of a deflating “no — but” reply. 头脑风暴、即兴以及与其他人合奏的时候,如果你可以充满兴致地表示「是的,而且……」并愿意在彼此的基础上更进一步,而不是令人泄气地表示「不是,而是……」的话,那么你将会走得更远更深。
  34. Work to become, not to acquire. 努力成为,而不是获得。
  35. Don’t loan money to a friend unless you are ready to make it a gift. 不要把钱借给朋友,除非你准备好把它当作礼物。
  36. On the way to a grand goal, celebrate the smallest victories as if each one were the final goal. No matter where it ends you are victorious. 在通往宏伟目标的道路上,庆祝最小的胜利,就好像每一场胜利都是最终目标一样。 无论结局如何,你都会是胜利者。
  37. Calm is contagious. 沉着冷静是会感染他人的。
  38. Even a foolish person can still be right about most things. Most conventional wisdom is true. 即使是一个愚蠢的人,在大多数事情上仍然是正确的。 大多数传统的经验智慧都是正确的。
  39. Always cut away from yourself. 切东西的时候不要冲着自己。(做好防范措施,不要伤害到自己)
  40. Show me your calendar and I will tell you your priorities. Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you where you’re going. 给我看你的日历,我会告诉你你的优先事项。 向我介绍你的朋友,我会告诉你你将要去向何方。(从自己的周边事物反思自己的属性?)
  41. When hitchhiking, look like the person you want to pick you up. 搭便车时,让自己表现得像那种你愿意让他搭便车的人。
  42. Contemplating the weaknesses of others is easy; contemplating the weaknesses in yourself is hard, but it pays a much higher reward. 注意到别人的缺点很容易,注意到自己的缺陷却很难,但是做成了就能带来不小的回报。
  43. Worth repeating: measure twice, cut once. 值得重复说的是:两次测量,一次切断。(也就是说反复确认,下定决心之后就毫不犹豫地执行。)
  44. Your passion in life should fit you exactly; but your purpose in life should exceed you. Work for something much larger than yourself. 你对生活的热情应该恰到好处; 但你的人生目标应该超越你自己。 为那些比自己宏大得多的事情工作。(享受当下,不满足于现在的成就,不断追求进步)。
  45. If you can’t tell what you desperately need, it’s probably sleep. 如果你不知道你迫切的想要什么,那么很可能你现在需要的是睡眠。
  46. When playing Monopoly, spend all you have to buy, barter, or trade for the Orange properties. Don’t bother with Utilities. 玩《大富翁》的时候,把你所有的钱都用来购买、交换或交易橙色物业。不用管那些公共设施。
  47. If you borrow something, try to return it in better shape than you received it. Clean it, sharpen it, fill it up. 如果你借了什么东西,记得清洁、打磨和填充它,让它在被归还的时候显得比你借到时的样子更好。
  48. Even in the tropics it gets colder at night than you think. Pack warmly. 即使在热带地区,晚上的气温也比你想象的要凉。记得裹得暖和一点。
  49. To quiet a crowd or a drunk, just whisper. 想要让人群或醉汉安静下来的话,只需要小点声说话就行。
  50. Writing down one thing you are grateful for each day is the cheapest possible therapy ever. 每天写下一件让自己感恩的事情,就是最便宜的治愈之法。
  51. When someone tells you something is wrong, they’re usually right. When someone tells you how to fix it, they’re usually wrong. 当有人告诉你某件事是错的时候,他们通常都是对的。当有人告诉你如何解决这个错误的时候,他们通常都是错的。
  52. If you think you saw a mouse, you did. And, if there is one, there are more. 如果你觉得你看到了一只老鼠,那么你肯定就是看到了。而且,如果有一只的话,实际上会有更多。
  53. Money is overrated. Truly new things rarely need an abundance of money. If that was so, billionaires would have a monopoly on inventing new things, and they don’t. Instead almost all breakthroughs are made by those who lack money, because they are forced to rely on their passion, persistence and ingenuity to figure out new ways. Being poor is an advantage in innovation. 金钱被高估了。真正新鲜的事物很少会需要很多钱。不然的话,百万富翁们应该早就垄断了对新事物的发明了,但他们并没有。相反,几乎所有的突破都来自那些缺钱的人,因为他们被迫不得不依靠自己的热情、坚持与才智,去找到新的方法。贫穷是创新上的优势。
  54. Ignore what others may be thinking of you, because they aren’t. 请忽视别人对你的看法,因为他们压根就没在想你。
  55. Avoid hitting the snooze button. That’s just training you to oversleep. 尽量别老是贪睡,因为久而久之你就会睡过头。
  56. Always say less than necessary. 言多必失
  57. You are given the gift of life in order to discover what your gift ‘in’ life is. You will complete your mission when you figure out what your mission is. This is not a paradox. This is the way. 你得到的生命这份馈赠,是为了让你发现自己生命中的天赋。你的使命就是找到自己的使命是什么。这不是一个悖论,这才是正途。
  58. Don’t treat people as bad as they are. Treat them as good as you are. 不要睚眦必报,而要以德服人。
  59. It is much easier to change how you think by changing your behavior, than it is to change your behavior by changing how you think. Act out the change you seek. 通过改变行为来改变想法要比通过改变想法来改变行为更加容易,要尽快付出行动去实现你想做出的改变。
  60. You can eat any dessert you want if you take only 3 bites. 你可以去吃任何甜品,如果你能控制只吃三口的话。(自律,控制自己)
  61. Each time you reach out to people, bring them a blessing; then they’ll be happy to see you when you bring them a problem. 每次联络别人的时候,别忘了带给他们祝福,这样当你给他们带来麻烦时他们就不会对你厌烦。
  62. Bad things can happen fast, but almost all good things happen slowly. 好事不出门,坏事传千里。
  63. Don’t worry how or where you begin. As long as you keep moving, your success will be far from where you start. 不要担心你是从哪里或者如何开始的,只要你保持前行,成功就会离你更近一步。
  64. When you confront a stuck bolt or screw: righty tighty, lefty loosey. 当你面对一个拧不动的螺栓或螺丝钉的时候:右转是拧紧,左转是拧松。
  65. If you meet a jerk, overlook them. If you meet jerks everywhere everyday, look deeper into yourself. 如果你碰到一个混蛋,忽略他就好,如果你老是遇到混蛋,那你最好仔细审视你自己。
  66. Dance with your hips. 用臀部来跳舞。
  67. We are not bodies that temporarily have souls. We are souls that temporarily have bodies. 我们不是短暂拥有灵魂的躯体。我们是短暂拥有躯体的灵魂。
  68. You can reduce the annoyance of someone’s stupid belief by increasing your understanding of why they believe it. 一些人拥有的愚蠢的信仰会让你恼怒,但是你可以提高对他们为何相信的原因的理解来减少自己的恼怒。
  69. If your goal does not have a schedule, it is a dream. 如果你的目标没有时间表,那它就只是一个梦想。
  70. All the greatest gains in life — in wealth, relationships, or knowledge —come from the magic of compounding interest — amplifying small steady gains. All you need for abundance is to keep adding 1% more than you subtract on a regular basis. 生活中所有最重要的收益——财富、关系或知识——都来自复利可以放大稳定微小收益的魔法。你只需不断稳定地净增1%,就可以达到富足。
  71. The greatest breakthroughs are missed because they look like hard work. 人们之所以会错过最伟大的突破,就是因为它们看上去就很难。
  72. People can’t remember more than 3 points from a speech. 人们在演讲中能记住的点不超过3个。
  73. I have never met a person I admired who did not read more books than I did. 我遇到的那些让我钦佩的人,无一例外都比我读的书多。
  74. The greatest teacher is called “doing”. 最好的老师就是「行动」。 (在经历和教训中学习并提升自我)
  75. Finite games are played to win or lose. Infinite games are played to keep the game going. Seek out infinite games because they yield infinite rewards. 有限的游戏是为了输赢。无限的游戏是为了让游戏继续。应该去寻找无限的游戏,因为它们会产出无限的收益。
  76. Everything is hard before it is easy. The day before something is a breakthrough, it’s a stupid idea. 任何事情在变容易之前都是困难的。在某个东西达到突破之前,它都只是来自一个愚蠢的想法。
  77. A problem that can be solved with money is not really a problem. 能用钱解决的问题,都不是真的问题。
  78. When you are stuck, sleep on it. Let your subconscious work for you. 如果你被困住了,去睡一觉。让你的潜意识来帮你解决问题。
  79. Your work will be endless, but your time is finite. You cannot limit the work so you must limit your time. Hours are the only thing you can manage. 你的工作是无穷无尽的,但你的时间是有限的。你无法限制你的工作,所以你必须限制自己的时间。时间是你唯一可以管理的东西。 (rare and valuable)
  80. To succeed, get other people to pay you; to become wealthy, help other people to succeed. 想要成功,就让别人付钱给你;想要富有,就去帮助别人成功。 (创业的逻辑?)
  81. Children totally accept — and crave — family rules. “In our family we have a rule for X” is the only excuse a parent needs for setting a family policy. In fact, “I have a rule for X” is the only excuse you need for your own personal policies. 孩子完全接受——甚至渴望——家规。「在我们家,我们对 X 有一个规矩」是家长设立家庭规范时所需的唯一理由。事实上,「我对 X 有一个规矩」是你给自己设定规范所需的唯一理由。
  82. All guns are loaded. 所有的枪都上了膛。
  83. Many backward steps are made by standing still.很多退步都来自停步不前。(逆水行舟,不进则退。)
  84. This is the best time ever to make something. None of the greatest, coolest creations 20 years from now have been invented yet. You are not late. 现在是去创造一些东西的最好时机。未来 20 年最伟大、最酷的发明都还没有出现。你现在做(入场)并不晚。
  85. No rain, no rainbow. 不经历风雨,怎么见彩虹。
  86. Every person you meet knows an amazing lot about something you know virtually nothing about. Your job is to discover what it is, and it won’t be obvious. 你遇见的每一个人,都对某些你一无所知的东西了如指掌。你要做的就是去发现那是什么东西,当然那并不会很明显。 (从每个人身上学习, 三人行必有我师焉)
  87. You don’t marry a person, you marry a family. 和你结婚的,不只是一个人,而是一个家庭。
  88. Always give credit, take blame. 永远要分享荣誉,承担责备。(有福同享,有难我扛)
  89. Be frugal in all things, except in your passions splurge. 永远保持节俭,除非是为了自己的热情。
  90. When making something, always get a few extras — extra material, extra parts, extra space, extra finishes. The extras serve as backups for mistakes, reduce stress, and fill your inventory for the future. They are the cheapest insurance. 做东西的时候,总要多备上一些——额外的材料、额外的部件、额外的空间、额外的饰面。 这些额外的东西可以为错误提供备份、减轻压力,还可以为未来储备资源。它们是最便宜的保险。
  91. Something does not need to be perfect to be wonderful. Especially weddings. 有些东西不需要达到完美,就已经足够精彩了。特别是婚礼。
  92. Don’t let your email inbox become your to-do list. 不要让你的收件箱变成代办清单。
  93. The best way to untangle a knotty tangle is not to “untie” the knots, but to keep pulling the loops apart wider and wider. Just make the mess as big, loose and open as possible. As you open up the knots they will unravel themselves. Works on cords, strings, hoses, yarns, or electronic cables. 打开纠缠在一起的绳结的最好方法,不是要去「解开」绳结,而是要不断地把松动的部分拉得更宽。尽可能把那团乱麻弄大、弄松、弄开。当你打开绳结的时候,它们就会自行解开。这招适用于绳索、线、软管、毛线或者电线。
  94. Be a good ancestor. Do something a future generation will thank you for. A simple thing is to plant a tree. 做一个良善的先人。做一些让未来世代感激你的事情。其中一件简单的事情就是去种一棵树。
  95. To combat an adversary, become their friend. 要想打败对手,就成为他们的朋友。
  96. Take one simple thing — almost anything — but take it extremely seriously, as if it was the only thing in the world, or maybe the entire world is in it — and by taking it seriously you’ll light up the sky. 去拿一个很简单的东西——几乎任何东西都行,但是极其认真地对待它,就好像它是世上唯一的东西一样,或者就像整个世界都在它里面一样。通过认真对待这件东西,你将会点亮天空。(日日是好日)
  97. History teaches us that in 100 years from now some of the assumptions you believed will turn out to be wrong. A good question to ask yourself today is “What might I be wrong about?” 历史教育我们,你现在相信的假定在 100 年后很可能会被证明是错的。一个在今天就可以问自己的好问题就是「我可能错在哪里了?」
  98. Be nice to your children because they are going to choose your nursing home. 对你的孩子好一点,因为他们未来会给你选养老院。
  99. Advice like these are not laws. They are like hats. If one doesn’t fit, try another. 这些建议都不是定律。它们更像是帽子。如果其中一顶不合适的话,就试试另一顶。